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Let us customize our Xbox One Home Screens!

A video of a proposed customization system to the XB1’s user interface has caught the attention of Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb. In it, a sidebar controls a few cosmetic modifications, including tile appearance and background image. Most of all, it’s easy.

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I, , want a more customizable Xbox One UI! I want the ability to quickly and easily iterate on my Home Screen’s appearance!
Despite the numerous updates the Xbox One’s had since launch - improved matchmaking, an improved party system, and additional streaming services, just to name a few - user concerns with the XB1’s UI are as yet neglected.

It’s no question, now especially, that these UI gripes will be addressed eventually. Major Nelson’s response to the showreel suggests that the team has begun to listen, if they haven’t already been listening, to what we’d like to see in Home Screen customization.

So we should take this opportunity to let Microsoft know exactly what it is that we’d like. What UI features are you most interested in? What don’t you want to see? Write up a comment and let us know.

Our Intended Letter to Microsoft


Follow through with Major Nelson’s interest in a more customizable UI. We’d like to finally have some control over our Home Screen’s appearance. Most of all, continue to listen. We’re always shouting, we know - but maybe just because no one seems to be hearing us.

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