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The XB1 Parity Clause hurts Indies! It needs to go!

Microsoft’s much ado parity clause - a restriction that prevents indies under its ID@Xbox program from releasing titles to other platforms prior releasing on Microsoft’s own - continues to catch flame. Many developers have voiced dissatisfaction in the clause, noting the difficulties in developing for multiplatform release.

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I, , disagree with Microsoft’s condition that their console be given preferential treatment, without which indie titles cannot be released on the Xbox One!
When first announced in August, ‘13, the program was lauded as greatly-needed progress in the development of indie titles, but has since been relegated to another major industry issue content with holding back independent development.

One of its earliest opponents, Vlambeer’s own Rami Ismail, called the clause “problematic for the indie scene at large.” Another developer, Witch Beam, had had some unfortunate results in dealing with the clause: their title’s release was delayed to make room for the XB1.

Now, Curve Studios, developer of Stealth Inc., has come out to confirm much of the same. Despite their relatively large team of 40, Marketing Manager Rob Clarke still recognizes the challenge of developers being forced into a contractual exclusivity with Microsoft or, at the most lenient, simultaneous platform release.

All this, while Sony has no such restriction on indie developers.

Image courtesy of Eric, found here.

Our Intended Letter to Microsoft


Remove your ID@Xbox parity clause, responsible for undue difficulty in the already difficult development of indie titles!

[your name]

Petition suggested by Jon Jones, and written by Greg S, on May 2 @ 12am

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