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My Café Cheats

My Café Cheats

My Café Cheats – Hack 50000 Diamonds For iOS and Android

My café is a new simulation café game in which you need to help Ann to build its restaurant and to serve the customers quickly. It is one of the most challenging café games that are full of new tasks. A large number of players love the game. This game can complete your wish of experiencing the entrepreneurship of your café. You will require everything that a restaurant owner requires to do for growing his business. Learn several delicious recipes, serve your customers, and make them happy. Here you need to decide what is best for your café. It is a fantastic game which is published by the Melsoft Games and generated a total rating of 4.6 on Google play star whereas on the app store it has 4.7 stars. One of the main things is to earn Diamonds and gold coins here. These can be obtained by spending real life money or only by completing the levels. But with the availability of the My Café cheats, one can have as many numbers of coins and diamonds they want in the game.




There are two main currencies in the game that are the coins and the diamond. With these gold coins and diamond, one can unlock many new features in the game. The gold coins will help you to upgrade various things in the game that are necessary to raise the level in the game. Here I have mentioned some the ways to earn more in-game currency.


Coins can be used for purchasing various things in the game such as

  • To get more tips, you can upgrade your café with different interior decoration, and by hiring more staff will help you to get more tips from the customers.
  • By serving your unique customers with special dishes will make you earn more gold coins
  • Per day you’ll get two gifts in which you will get coins.


One can earn diamonds through the spice boxes, Daily bonus, gifts from the Fernando’s or by spending real money. The diamonds can be used to buy specific and premium machines in the game, such as coffee grinder and much more. If you want the diamonds in unlimited quantity, then you can use the My Cafe hack.

Apart from the currency, let’s have a glance at some special secret tips that will help you to earn more in the game.

Tips and tricks

Talking about the tips and tricks, then there are many tips to build an astounding café and to manage your restaurants properly. You can have a look below at these tips that I have mentioned for you.

  • Here the best thing in the game is that if Ann and other employees are busy in serving some of the customers, then you can help them in the task. For example, you can take the orders from the customers and prepare the dishes that they want. For the recipe there is an icon on the side, you can tap on that icon and make the meal on your own. Helping your employees will allow increasing the ratings of your customers, as it is much better than the customer leaving in furry from your restaurant.
  • Always make sure that there’s a new drink ready in the machines. Tap the machines whenever they become empty so that another drink will be prepared for the forthcoming orders.
  • Upgrade the skills of your employees to get the maximum benefits in the game. Whenever you upgrade the capabilities of the employees, the prices of the items will lift to some percentage. Here I’ll recommend you to enhance two skills here that are ‘all item price” and second is the Daily simple gift.
  • By adding special spices in the drinks and dishes will raise the price of your dish. Such type of dishes can benefit up to 100 bucks or even more. You can get the spices in daily gifts and also by customers or have a hand on the rare spices you will require purchasing the spice box. In that box, your spices will get collected.

These are some of the tricks that you can help. Now don’t waste time and enjoy the pleasure of owning a café.


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  2. stuckatlevel15

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  3. Danah

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